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Save History Save Life was founded by Rochelle “Vail” Sao in 2009. It focuses on preserving the CULTURE of our humanity as well as EDUCATING and EMPOWERING individuals of the following generations.  It is a movement which strives to Promote TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING. As some may say, "Ignorance is a bliss." Knowing and understanding the roots of where one came from, how something started, and what one represents, can help strengthen our community as a whole.  Everyone has a story to tell and we are here to share that story while playing a big role in helping individuals pursue their dreams as they make their mark in History. Save History. Save Life also stays true to the past and present by recognizing and remembering people and events that made/make a difference in history. Without yesterday there would be no tomorrow.  Save History. Save Life can spread your story.

All proceeds goes towards Save History Save life or the people under sponsorship with Save History Save Life to provide income to help spread the individual dream.

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